About us:

Burkeman & Clarke Ltd was formed in 2009 when Brie Burkeman and Serafina Clarke combined their agencies and sixty years of experience.  Serafina Clarke is now retired but Brie Burkeman continues to bring her expertise and experience to the agency and its clients.

Director:  Brie Burkeman

You can follow Brie Burkeman on twitter @14NC but please note that she does not auto follow back and that twitter (and other social network sites) are not the forum to ask about submissions etc.  For that, please do see our submission guidelines, thank you.

From Gumbo Writers, an interview between Jeff Rivera and Brie Burkeman from 2010 : http://www.articledashboard.com/Article/Brie-Burkeman-Agent/1014145

From Book 2 Book, - the announcement of the newly formed joint company from July 2009:

Brie Burkeman & Serafina Clarke Limited

Posted at 6:29PM Thursday 02 Jul 2009

Serafina Clarke and Brie Burkeman are pleased to announce that after some years working in tandem they have combined their two companies to establish Brie Burkeman & Serafina Clarke Ltd., an agency specialising in high quality commercial writing across all mediums.

Serafina Clarke has worked as a literary agent for over thirty years, moving to Spain in 2000. Brie Burkeman set up her own agency in 2000 after sixteen years as a Director at Jonathan Clowes having also worked with the Directors' Guild of Great Britain and Curtis Brown. Brie is also a film and television consultant for other agents and individuals.

Brie Burkeman said "I am very excited by this new chapter; our two agencies have a wonderfully complementary mix of clients and by consolidating our agencies, we are now able to not only offer the same excellent care for our existing writers but also look forward to taking on exciting new clients in the future.".

Burkeman & Clarke's clients cover a wide range of fiction, non-fiction, screenwriters and playwrights including Richard Askwith, Kitty Ferguson, Shaun Hutson, Robin Norwood and Jean Pasley.