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Burkeman & Clarke Ltd was formed in 2009 when Brie Burkeman and Serafina Clarke combined their agencies and sixty years of experience.  Serafina Clarke is now retired but Brie Burkeman continues to bring her expertise and experience to the agency and its clients.

Director:  Brie Burkeman

You can follow Brie Burkeman on twitter @14NC but please note that she does not auto follow back and that twitter (and other social network sites) are not the forum to ask about submissions etc.  For that, please do see our submission guidelines, thank you.

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Ki Agency Ltd acquires Brie Burkeman & Serafina Clarke Ltd

After a prestigious career, Brie Burkeman has taken the hard decision to close the agency, Burkeman & Clarke, for family reasons and the company will cease trading on 31 March 2015.  Clients and assets are being acquired by Ki Agency Ltd.

Brie has been an agent for books, film, theatre and television for 35 years.  In 2009, she acquired Serafina Clarke’s agency.

Brie Burkeman said:  “I am so sad to be going and to be having to close the company.  If it wasn’t that I was leaving my dear clients in the more than capable hands of Meg Davis, it would make this decision much harder but I have to put my family first.”

Meg Davis, Managing Director of Ki, said, “Brie is a loyal, passionate and effective advocate for her clients.  I’ve long been an admirer of her work as an agent, and proud to count myself among her many friends.  I’m delighted that she’s chosen me to entrust her clients to and just wish we had the room to accommodate them all.  I wish her every success and happiness in this new chapter in her life.”

Both the Ki Agency and Burkeman & Clarke Ltd. will be in touch with the respective parties in due course to explain procedures.

Ki Agency represents writers of books as well as for TV, film.  Clients include Emma Adams, Simon Scarrow, Anne Perry, Mike Carey, Jude Morgan and Catherine Webb (Claire North).

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